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The beginning of a new era

Time is an integral part of everyone's DNA, and this was the fundamental idea behind the creation of DENA Watch recently. With its English consonance without the E, DNA is a subtle way of getting as close as possible to the customer at every opportunity to identify him or her with each creation. The DENA timepieces are intended for a targeted clientele who are passionate about their environment and their passion. Each timepiece is part of a collection presented in a limited numbered series.

So geht's

From a vision to a timepiece

The global marketplace offers a vast choice of beautiful watches, so why did a small team of enthusiasts led by founder Patrick Gassmann had the vision to create a new one ? Simply because the time was right.

This vision is of great value, but it cannot be bought. When it flourishes, its growth must not be limited. This is how small, limited series of exquisitely crafted timepieces are created and launched, targeted for friends of culture and the exclusive art of modern watchmaking.


A personal word

My vision, my mission, my motivation and my ambitions come together through the growth and success of DENA Watch.

Maybe I won't leave any traces of my physical DNA on this planet, but on the contrary my visionary D(E)NA.

A part of DENA Watch's profits are donated to support humanitarian efforts by a global organization that I trust and know personally.

Every DENA watch is a contribution to the creation and establishment of a new era together with us, a committed company.


Patrick Gassmann
Owner and Founder of Dena Watch Sàrl

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