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The Story

Rossemaison, a small village in the Swiss Jura, is the birthplace of DENA Watch, the brainchild of its founder and owner, Patrick Gassmann, who is no stranger to the industry. A specialist in 100% Swiss-made watches, he is presenting his new watch brand, this time in the luxury segment.


Innovative colors and a new material : a daring gamble? And why not go for it! DENA Watch, whose aim is to develop innovative timepieces, has taken up the challenge and presented the world with a brand new brand, DENA without the E in the English consonance, translated into French for ADN. 


DENA is a brand with a contemporary spirit that reflects the new generation, with the aim of being as close as possible to its customers. Taking advantage of a growing marketing boom following the disruption of covid 19 and the markets, DENA has been able to understand its customers and seduce them with products that are as atypical and unique as they are themselves. 


A rare opportunity to turn fashion codes and watchmaking traditions on their head using a material developed especially for the occasion, a special CERAMIC. Like its wearer, the DENA Watch is as atypical as it is unique, thanks to its handcrafted material. There's no doubt about it, it's going to be a real eye-catcher!

So geht's

The next steps

The global marketplace offers a vast choice of beautiful watches, so why did a small team of enthusiasts led by founder Patrick Gassmann had the vision to create a new one ? Simply because the time was right.

This vision is of great value, but it cannot be bought. When it flourishes, its growth must not be limited. This is how small, limited series of exquisitely crafted timepieces are created and launched, targeted for friends of culture and the exclusive art of modern watchmaking.


For Dubai Watch Week 2023, DENA is unveiling 4 new 44 mm hand-wound round tourbillons, named MODESTY, FALCON, DRAGON and EAGLE. Ladies' models are being developed with new colors and shape variations, as well as other new features.

Each model is carefully thought out and developed according to a specific philosophy for each geographical location and target audience. The DENA logo was created by linking the DNA symbol with the hourglass, the first instrument for measuring time.

The hourglass is an instrument used to measure an interval of time corresponding to the duration of the flow of a calibrated quantity of sand inside a transparent container.
The hourglass's ancestor was the clepsydra, which measured time by pouring water into it. The oldest of these, discovered at Karnak (Egypt) in 1904, has been dated to the reign of Amenophis III, around -1400. The hourglass is simply a clepsydra that turns over to refill the container in a simple way, by simply turning it over.

Around -1500, the Romans mainly used the sundial to tell the time (display) and the clepsydra to measure time, but there are suspicions that they also used hourglasses, although none have been found to date.


In the West, the hourglass did not appear until the thirteenth century, but it is suspected that an instrument similar to the hourglass, containing oil instead of sand, has existed since the second century.

A unique opportunity presented itself when creating the DENA logo to symbolize two essential things in everyone's life : personality and the origin of the measurement of time.

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