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Modesty is a quality that involves not exaggerating one's own skills, achievements or qualities. It is the behavior of not boasting or putting oneself forward excessively, but rather remaining humble and discreet.





The Modesty model manufactured by DENA has been developed in relation to the definition of modesty. Philosophically, modesty has many meanings and implications. It is often linked to moral and ethical values, as well as to perspectives on human nature and the way we live in society.


1) Ethical virtue

2) Limiting the ego

3) Relationship to knowledge

4) Simplicity and contentment

5) Social relationships

6) Religious and spiritual philosophy


Overall, modesty in philosophy often reflects the idea that excessive ego and the unbridled quest for recognition can be harmful, while humility and respect for others contribute to a more balanced and ethical life. This is the foundation set by DENA for its numbered limited edition of 25 watches, reflecting this definition.


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