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It was officially adapted in 1782 after Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams proposed various designs on behalf of Congress. A white eagle could be seen on one of them. Ultimately, it became the bald eagle at the suggestion of Parliamentary Secretary Charles Thomson.

The Eagle



The American eagle

Its majestic appearance, long life and great strength inspired this bird to be chosen as a heraldic animal. According to legend, bald eagles, startled by the noise, soared overhead during one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War. He would have screamed for freedom, that was of course the interpretation.

DENA mh04wtom eagle hori 2.png

Hand-stitched white alligator strap, manufactured in Switzerland, equipped with quick-change bar, double folding clasp in white gold.

Doublesided anti-reflective treated sapphire crystal, manufactured in Switzerland.

Dial with with 50 diamonds and the eagle constellation in luminescent mass and 12 diamonds. Hands with luminescent masses.

Swiss made tourbillon movement with manual winding and 60 hours power reserve. Tourbillon Bridge set with 13 diamonds.

Case 44 mm in CERAMIC blue and red pearl set with 169 white diamonds VVS1 (firmament) and white gold carrure set with 172 diamonds. Total 416 Diamonds, total weight 3.25ct. The handcrafted production of this CERAMIC gives each piece a unique character pigmentation.


WORLD PREMIERE, case back, dial and diamonds setting bezel in CERAMIC. The eagle tourbillon firmament MH04WTOM is presented in a limited edition of 50 pieces, numbered 01-50/50. Price : CHF 118'650.- ex factory 50% deposit at the time of order by bank transfer, the balance before delivery. Delivery time, within 6 months from validation of the order.

This DENA watch will be personally delivered and handed over to the customer.



The American Dream

En Amérique, le principe s'applique toujours à ce jour selon lequel n'importe qui, quelle que soit son origine, peut devenir riche - s'il travaille suffisamment dur pour cela. Le vieil adage « de la misère à la richesse » résume très bien cette idéologie. Donc ça veut dire : tu aussi peux le rendre riche si tu fais un effort!



In America, the principle still applies to this day that anyone, regardless of their origin, can become rich - if they only work hard enough for it. The old adage “from rags to riches” sums up this ideology very well. So it means: You too can get rich if you make an effort!

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